Abetta Pest Control in Port Macquarie specialise in providing a safe, reliable and prompt pest control service. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians will assess your property in order to determine the problem, extent and cause of your pest control problem. We can also make recommendations in order to free your home of pests in the long-term.

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General Pest

At Abetta Pest Control, we offer affordable exterior or interior pest control services to treat silverfish, ants, cockroaches, bees, fleas, mice, termites and more. All of our treatments are designed to prevent pests from entering your home or eradicating them from your home or office.

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If you have a pest problem, contact us today. We service Port Macquarie and the surrounding region.

Termite Inspections, Treatments and Protection

Operating throughout Port Macquarie, we conduct thorough termite inspections by visually inspecting your property as well as using state of the art Termatrac equipment and thermal imaging inspections. Discovering a termite infestation requires immediate action to bait and protect your home.

Don't let termite terrorise you? Call Abetta Pest Control for friendly advice and to schedule an inspection of your home today.

End of Lease Treatment

As part of your lease requirements to ensure the full amount of your bond is release after vacating the property, pet owners will be required to enlist the services of a professional pest control company to eradicate fleas. We offer treatment indoors and outdoors .

For further information about flea treatments, call us today.

Other Services

Black Ants
It is not unusual to find swarms of black ants across walls, benches or in pantries. They often move nest sites if disturbed and may disappear in the short-term only to return at a later date. This can make control and removal of ants difficult without professional pest control. After treatment we can advise you on the best way to ensure ants stay at bay.

Fleas can often be a problem for pet owners despite being vigilant about treating pets and regular vacuuming. You may discover fleas if the previous owners had pets. Our Port Macquarie pest controllers have the latest methods to eradicate fleas and their eggs. Some fleas can transmit disease so for the safety of your family or tenants, we recommend getting your property regularly treated.

Bees and wasps
While bees are an important part of nature, both bees and wasps pose serious threat to your health if you're allergic or your home if they invade the walls or roof. An inexperienced attempt to destroy or relocate them could result in putting yourself and your family at risk.

At Abetta Pest Control, we have Abetta way of controlling your bee or wasp problem.

With years' experience in professional pest control, our team will inspect your property and provide professional advice at a competitive price. Call us for a solution to your ant, flea, bee or wasp control in Port Macquarie today.

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